Seven must-read fuel-saving tips

The Department of Energy’s fuel-efficiency tips might just save you quite a bit each month.

  • Close your windows when you drive. An open window creates drag, which increases fuel consumption by as much as 20%.
  • Multigrade oil reduces drag, so consider a switch.
  • If you use a logbook to record your fuel purchases and kilometres travelled, you’ll be able to notice any discrepancies in vehicle performance. These could indicate mechanical malfunctions. Remember to service your car regularly.
  • Radial-ply tyres offer less rolling resistance and longer life than cross-ply tyres, so make the change.
  • Remember to pump up your tyres. Driving with under-inflated tyres increases consumption and reduces a tyre’s life, too.
  • Avoid stop-start driving, accelerate slowly and don’t speed – the faster you drive, the more petrol you use.
  • Car-pooling makes economic sense – if you haven’t joined a lift club yet, now might be a good time to join.

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