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JSE Virtual Trading Game

Jul 22, 2013

JSE-LogoAs part of ongoing attempts to encourage South Africans to trade on the exchange, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has launched the first JSE Virtual Trading Game, an online trading competition which simulates a real trading environment and gives members of the general public a risk-free opportunity to trade shares. It’s a great opportunity for the average person in the street to find out about trading shares online.

Each participant receives a virtual R1 million to build an investment portfolio and traders or competitors who build the most valuable portfolios will win a share of R60 000 in prizes, to be deposited into a stockbroker’s account of their choice. One of the restrictions is that no more than 20 per cent of your investment portfolio may be held in any one share or financial instrument.

“We believe that the JSE Virtual Trading Game is a highly practical way to convert those who are interested in trading to take the next step and open their own accounts. The JSE recognises the role it has to play in promoting financial literacy as well as growing retail investment on the JSE. Investing on the exchange is not as intimidating or complicated as many people think,” says Takalani Nyelisani, manager of retail development at the JSE.

If you are interested in the stock market but missed the chance to enter the virtual trading competition, the JSE runs numerous initiatives aimed at increasing your knowledge of the stock market. These include power hour sessions, investment education clubs, MyJSE Investment Day as well as free public seminars about investing. Visit for more information.


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