Tracking your MTN Zakhele shares

MTN Zakhele

Xolani asks: I have had 20 shares in MTN Zakhele since their inception. I am in no hurry to cash them but would like to track their progress and maybe try to diversify my share portfolio by buying other shares with a portion thereof. My aim is to use these shares to augment my government pension. How do I follow their performance on the stock exchange daily?

Maya replies:

You can track the value of your MTN Zahkele shares on their website – you will see the share price at the top of the page. Multiply that by 20 (the number of shares that you hold) in order to calculate the current value of your shareholding. Today, your shares are worth around R1 340 (R67 x 20), which is not really enough to enable you to diversify. In order for it to be cost effective, one needs to hold at least around R5 000 worth of an individual share.

You can consider buying an exchanged-traded fund (ETF) like Satrix – that will give you exposure to the top 40 shares on the JSE through the purchase of just one share (the ETF itself). If you just want to make a single lump-sum investment, then you can do this yourself by opening a low-cost stockbroking account with a company like If you’d like to make regular monthly investments via debit order, you can do this directly with Satrix or etfsa.

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