Turn your car into advertising revenue

If you want to make some extra cash or get some freebies, sign up as an “influencer”.

brandyourcar.comZamokule, who may be familiar to readers as a Money Makeover contestant, recently turned his car into a moving billboard for Dialdirect in order to earn some additional income.

This is part of an influencer campaign by Dialdirect to turn its satisfied customers into brand ambassadors. As a Dialdirect customer, Zamokule has been using their app to monitor his driving behaviour and is currently earning 60% of his R432 insurance premium back as a cash reward. As a five-star driver, he was asked to be part of the Dialdirect influencer campaign which is being managed by a company called brandyourcar.com.

Bandyourcar.com runs campaigns for multiple clients representing most sectors, from pharmaceutical products to entertainment and sports, clothing and office equipment. Depending on the campaign, you receive cash or even some free items. In one sportswear campaign, the influencers each received R10 000 worth of branded sportswear.

Zamokuhle had to agree to the terms and conditions of the campaign in order to receive payment, which included driving 500kms a month and agreeing to certain social media activities and engagements explaining to people how the cashback programme on his Dialdirect insurance policy works and how he is using it. He also had to have a minimum of 150 Facebook friends. Having met the campaign criteria in the first two weeks, he has already received his first payment.

Although Zamokuhle had never heard of brandyourcar.com until they contacted him, he says now that his car is branded, he notices how many other product-branded cars are out there.

According to Pieter Groenewald, CEO of The Salt, which owns brandyourcar.com and has been running influencer campaigns for the last eight years, branding triggers conversations, giving the influencer an opportunity to talk about their experience of the product. “Research shows us that 83% of people trust other people’s recommendations and if they are a similar profile, they are considered even more trustworthy.”

Groenewald adds that someone like Zamokuhle makes a perfect influencer as he benefits from and believes in the product he is representing. Groenewald says that while people initially sign up for the cash or rewards from being an influencer, they usually start to value the experience as they become well known in their community. “When a young soccer player starts to drive a branded Puma car and wear branded Puma clothes, people start to notice and he becomes ‘that guy’.”

How it works

To sign up as a potential influencer you need to register on the brandyourcar.com website. You provide your details and interests and are added to the database. Groenewald says currently the database has 80 000 people and they have engaged 50 000 influencers. When a company is looking to run a campaign, their requirements are run through the database and potential influencers are identified. These people are then invited to an intense workshop where they learn the details of the product and also what they are expected to do in return.

While you could engage in more than one campaign, Groenewald says there is a cooling-off period of six months between campaigns and you can also not be an influencer for a competing product. For example, Zamokuhle’s Dialdirect campaign ends after three months and he would have to wait six months before he would be eligible to sign up with another product campaign. He could also never take part in a campaign for another short-term insurer.

Also, be aware that once you brand your car, it is now being used for business purposes and you would need to inform your insurer.

This article first appeared in City Press.

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