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Before you spend money on a gift for a family member, take some time to find out what makes each member of your family feel loved.

In the book The Five Love Languages authors Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell talk about the five ways that you can make someone feel loved. We are all different so we express and receive love in different ways.

If the love language is:

Quality time: Give your child or partner a voucher for an activity that they enjoy and that you can do together. Or you could buy a gift that encourages spending time together, like a soccer ball or a cookery book.

Words of affirmation: Write a letter expressing why you love and value your child or partner – what they mean to you and how special they are. Even if words are not your forte, use words from a poem or song that express how you feel, or make a collage of words that describe them and frame it.

Gifts: For some people gifts are an expression of love, so spend time finding a gift that says “I know you”. It is not the amount of money you spend but rather a demonstration that you have taken time to select a gift that is perfect for them.

Acts of service: Buy a serving tray as a gesture that you will be making breakfast in bed or upload music onto the phone of your technically-challenged partner or help your child to re-decorate their room.

Physical touch: Buy a soft fluffy blanket that you’ll snuggle under together or write up a voucher for a foot massage. Some teenagers experience physical touch through contact sports so a rugby ball that allows you time to “tackle” each other is a great gift. Buy your daughter a new hairbrush and give her a voucher where you make time to brush and style her hair once a week.

Give gifts of love, not just monetary value

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