Listen: Sexually transmitted debt

Did you know that your marriage contract could see you responsible for your partner’s pre-marriage debt? Maya Fisher-French (@mayaonmoney) and Mapalo Makhu (@womanandfinance) discuss the ins and outs of marriage contracts in this week’s My Money, My Lifestyle podcast. They also delve into how you can become a millionaire within five years.


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  • Good Morning

    I would like to compliment you for the wonderful financial info that empowers us and keeping us up to date in the financial matter.

    But my concern is the title Sexual transmitted debt, I would suggest that it will be proper to called it Financial transmitted debt, that’s my opinion as much as the focus here its about money matter,
    or May I get the clarity of the story behind the title of Sexual transmitted debt

    • The title is meant to be provocative 🙂 – it relates specifically to marriage where you inherit your spouses debt, even incurred before marriage. Financially transmitted debt would not really highlight the relationship aspect.

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