Listen: From over-indebted to debt free in six months

Money Makeover winner Samke chats to Maya and Mapalo about her experience of struggling with debt from her first paycheque and how she achieved her goal of being debt free by the age of 27. Ahead of Youth Day, Samke’s story highlights the challenges around the lack of financial education for young people, but also how, with the right attitude and motivation, you can take control and change your life.

This podcast was sponsored by the Banking Association of South Africa.


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  • Thank you for this talk, very valuable and inspirational. Can you tell me where I can access the next Money Makeover competition application?
    Or if the competition is over where I can sign up and pay for this course? Who is the financial advisor I can speak to?
    Thank you.

    • we will be opening applications for the new competition in November. I can tell you that Steven Williams a financial adviser at Absa was Samke’s adviser. There are also companies that help people by creating debt repayment plans. Sugar Creek Wealth is an advisory firm that has set up a debt rehabilitation division. I think they charge around R125 per month

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