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Listen: The step-by-step investing plan

Jan 31, 2020

Want to invest, but don’t know where to start? Whether you have R500, R5 000 or R50 000 to invest, the principles remain the same. In this discussion, Maya (@mayaonmoney) and Mapalo (@womanandfinance) are joined by personal finance blogger StealthyWealth (@stealthy_wealth), and they share their collective wisdom on how to start investing. The bottom line? Just start!



  1. Hi guys
    I have just retired and awaits my lump sum. I have 2 RA of which one is at Sanlam. I am not happy with their admin fees etc. and think of moving My RA.
    I do not need any income of the 2 RA currently.

    Please advice.

    • Really good idea not to convert your RA if you don’t need it. You can move your RA to any other platform – there should not be any penalty fees. But do check with Sanlam what the fees are if you have had it for more than 25 years – the fees may be reduced. In theory the fees are all collected during the original term of the RA

  2. Hi Maya, I need to invest for my child’s university fees..please advice

    • If less than five years away – stick to high interest bank savings. If longer than that, something like the Satrix Balanced Fund

  3. Hi Guys,

    Appreciate and love your work.

    I have R100 000 which I want to invest and get monthly interest on it?

    Where can I get the best return and a reputable institution?


    • If you want monthly interest just shop around the banks and see what they offer. Also look at Fedbond and RSA Retail Bond.


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Maya Fisher-French author of Money Questions Answered

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