Beware of coronavirus scams

Beware of coronavirus scamsAccording to SABRIC, the South African Banking Risk Information Centre, there’s been a sharp rise in cases of cybercriminals exploiting the spread of COVID-19 by using coronavirus-based scams to trick people into clicking on links in emails or SMSs appearing to offer medical supplies and vaccines.

These emails appear to come from reputable companies, but once people click on links or provide personal information, the cybercriminals can either access their computer systems or bank accounts.

Cyber security provider Mimecast is tracking emails of cyber criminals who are trying to capitalise on the virus by attempting malicious email attacks. According to Mimecast, there are currently multiple malicious emails circulating to unsuspecting end-users via business and personal emails. These include emails that appear to come from Centres of Disease Control with links claiming to take you to a website with updated information on the virus.

The best protection is to simply not click on links from any emails you receive, unless you have verified the sender.

This article first appeared in City Press.


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