Money Makeover: Tell your money where to go

The first challenge for our 2020 Money Makeover contestants was to get a get a handle on where their money goes each month and to make some decisions about what they were prepared to live without in order to reach their personal goals.

For all of them it was a shock to realise how much they were actually spending and where their money was going. When last did you do a proper spending analysis? Without a budget, you will never get control of your money.

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  • Hi I am. 44 years old and working as a security officer at a leading restaurant distribution center. I fear that I will never have enough to sustain myself now or in the future. I’m just living from hand to mouth at the moment. I also have to help my elderly mom. She is on pension and are struggling to pay off her debt from a shop she was buying clothes, sometimes for all of us. I also have a girlfriend but she is also struggling and can’t be much of help. She is raising a kid alone without support from the dad. I want to change my financial outlook. I want to know I’ll be able to sustain myself and my mom, my brothers daughters, since he is not able to assist in any form because of drug addiction. I help out now and then.

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