Money Makeover: Talking money so that your partner will listen

Money Makeover: Talking money in a way that your partner will listenAny financial journey cannot progress unless your partner is on board. If you share a household, you share your finances.

Money is a highly emotional topic; it is cited as the number one reason for divorce. So, having a relationship where you can speak openly about money is very important, but it is not that easy and it all stems from understanding your own “triggers” and emotions around money.

Listen to Maya and Mapalo Makhu chatting to Catherien and her Money Makeover adviser Riette Visser in the My Money, My Lifestyle podcast.

The Money Makeover Challenge for executive PA Catherien was to get her husband onto the same page when it comes to the family’s finances. In just three months their relationship around money has improved. “Talking about money used to be this heavy thing, now we can even laugh about it,” says Catherien.

Read more about how the Absa/City Press Money Makeover candidates are dealing with this issue.

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