Listen: Money Makeover: How to invest in property

Have you fallen into property investing by accident? Are you an existing property investor looking to consolidate, or planning on buying your first property? In this podcast Maya (@mayaonmoney) chats to Miguel Martins of Absa Home Loans, a property investor himself, on the do’s and don’ts of property investing.

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  • Just had a new born baby and would like to start saving for her until she is 21 to buy her a property which is the best investment plans or products

    • Congratulations and that is a smart move! Definitely a tax-free investment product because over 20 years the capital gains growth will be significant. A low cost balanced fund that provides access to local and international markets as well as bonds is safe bet. Personally I use the SatrixNow range.

  • I just finished paying my house and would like to buy another one in Polokwane to the price of around R1,3m.
    Would it be the best option or must I leave everything because I am already 52yrs.

    • You would need to look at what age you expect to retire. A bank would be unlikely to consider a 20 year mortgage if your retirement date is 60 for example as that is only 8 years away.
      Do your financial calculations carefully and make sure this is not going to put you under any financial pressure as you need to be reducing debt as you get closer to retirement

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