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  • Hi Maya
    I have already started to invest for my child education via old mutual educational plan but it’s not a tax free investment.

    Would you recommend I cancel it and take whatever amount I get from old mutual and put what I get in a tax free investment and start paying monthly like I used to pay the educational plan?

    • It depends on when you think you will access the money. Tax-free investments work best if you are investing for over 10 years because that is when the capital gains start to become significant. In my case I saved outside a tax-free investment for education but also started a tax-free savings in my sons’ names that they could continue to grow and add to when they start to work.

  • Hi Maya

    Thanks for the article but I noticed some discrepancies in the article and video. The video speaks of 33 000 annual contribution and 2750 monthly contribution while the article speaks of 36000 and 3000, which one is correct?

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