Video: Car and handbag insurance for women

I always maintain that actuaries never lie, and women on average pay less for car insurance than men, so is it true that women are better drivers?

In light of Women’s Month, I am speaking to Christelle Colman of Elite Wealth Assets Insurance to explain why women pay less for car insurance and why we should possibly be using those savings to insure our handbags.

Watch the video to get answers to the following:

  • When you look at car insurance quotes, it’s amazing how much lower the quotes are for women than for men, especially younger men. Are women generally considered less of a risk?
  • I’ve been told that I should consider handbag insurance, but I’ve always thought that was a bit of a sales gimmick unless you have invested in a Prada bag. Then recently I looked in detail at the contents of my handbag and was amazed at the value of the things I happily walk around with all day. What do we need to keep in mind when it comes to handbag insurance?

This is a good reminder to go check your insurance policies to find out exactly what you are covered for.

Remember, when shopping around for quotes, make sure you read the fine print and always ask: “What am I not covered for.”

Read more on insurance here.

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