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Online service to value property and vehicles

Nov 30, 2020

Lightstone's service for property valuationIf you are looking to buy or sell a property, or even just want to find out what the properties in your area are worth, Lightstone Property has introduced an easy, low-cost valuation service for individuals.

In the past, the company provided the service to estate agents and lenders, but they have now made the service available directly to homeowners or potential buyers for just R90.

The valuation service confirms the legal description of the property and the owner’s name. By using a combination of recent sales in the area, the suburb trends over the last ten years, and the municipality valuation, it provides insight into what the property would potentially sell for.

Apart from now knowing what your neighbours actually sold their house for, it is useful for a seller to understand the prices that other properties are selling for in the area, and for a buyer to understand the value of properties in the area.

If you’re a homeowner, not looking to buy or sell, the service can help you understand whether your home is still an investment and if properties in your area are still maintaining their values.

Lightstone also offers a service to provide a valuation on your car, for R20. This can be very useful if you want to compare what you owe on the vehicle to its market value and at what point you will reach breakeven and not sell your car for a loss.

This article first appeared in City Press.


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