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A will to protect your family

Oct 13, 2023

One of the most important tasks that the Absa/City Press Money Makeover candidates need to fulfil, is to write up a will.

We spend so much time and energy on our families and making many sacrifices for them, yet most parents have not taken the time to ensure that their children are provided for should something happen to them.

When writing up your will, think about what you want your family’s life to look like when you are no longer there. From there you can create a plan and a set of wishes to ensure that your family is taken care of.

Different circumstances, different needs

Providing for your family

Money Makeover candidate Sello

Sello needs to ensure his children are provided for in his will

Sello is married with two children, and is the main breadwinner. As part of his estate planning, he needs to consider how to provide for his wife and children.

Sello is married in community of property which means that automatically, half of the joint estate would go to his wife. This would include any property or business he may have.

Children from another relationship

Raymond has two children from separate mothers. He must make provision for these children as they will have a claim against his estate for maintenance.

As this could lead to complications, it is very important that Raymond appoint a professional executor.

Even a young person needs a will

While Zihle is not married and does not have any children, it is still important for her to have a valid will and an estate plan in place.

As her adviser Anton Battiss explains, Zihle has assets that should be transferred to whomever she chooses, as well as liabilities that should be covered at her death, ensuring that her family is not left with debt.

Zihle’s mother died without a will, which has resulted in a delay and additional administration in winding up her estate.

If you do not have a valid will in place when you die, you will not be able to decide who inherits (receives) your assets. This process will be decided by the Master’s Office in terms of the law of intestate succession, and the result may not be what you would have wanted.

Head over to the Money Makeover website to read more about the considerations that need to be taken into account when you are writing up your will.


  1. I did have a will with my late ex husband who passed on in 2016. Unfortunately we appointed ABSA as an executor. To this day the estate is still not yet finalised. It means the will was really useless.

    • That is shocking! Unfortunately the banks are not great institutions to have as executors. I cover this in my book but either have a company that specializes in this or even have a family member as executor who could then appoint an attorney to wind up the estate. You can, and should, lodge a complaint with the Fiduciary Institute of SA

  2. Thank you for being informative, can you cover a trust next?

    • Are you asking about a living (inter vivos) trust or a testamentary trust – or both?


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