Category - Budgeting

Is now a good time to buy a house?

Some analysts claim that first-time home buyers should delay buying due to the current economy. But the decision to buy a house should start with whether or not you can afford it, in a rising interest rate environment.

Why your bills are rising faster than inflation

Whenever Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) releases the consumer price index (inflation) figure, I always wonder whose basket of goods they are using, because I can assure you that my living costs are increasing well above the 5.2% CPI recorded...


Why buy a TV when you can rent it?

There is much to be said for renting when it comes to electronics, appliances and even furniture. When I was young, everyone rented a TV, most of them from Teljoy. In those days, TVs were simply unaffordable and credit was not as easily...

The cost of a baby

Chantel has been married for almost two years and was caught slightly off-guard recently when she realised she was pregnant with her first baby. “Even though my husband and I are both extremely good at saving, we didn’t have a specific budget...