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    Hi Maya

    I am 26 years.Please give me advice regarding my following debt situation.I am willing to be debt free and start over

    I am currently paying for the following:
    Capitec Loan : 3319.89
    Nedbank Loan : 1679.30
    FNB StudyLoan : 361.40
    FNB Revolving Loan : 668.00 [limit R20000,Outstanding balance R18000 ]
    FNB Credit Card : 420.00 [limit R8000, maxed out ]
    FNB Overdraft : 660.00 [limit 16000, maxed out ]
    FNB Home Loan : 4670.00 [taken out November 2016]
    Edgars Account : 400 [balance 1800]

    I still have other outstanding personal debt such as my brothers school fees and my post graduation fees . I am overindebted and struggle to meet my month obligations.I tried to apply for a consolidation loan which was declined due to affordability

    Thanks in advance.

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