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What is making your medical cover more expensive?

The recent challenge by members of Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS) around the administrative charges on their medical scheme highlights the pressure that individuals are feeling due to rising healthcare costs which are increasing well above inflation. While administration costs are one area that members can apply pressure, administration is...

Creating wealth from your first holiday job

How a 22 year old  accumulated R360 000 through saving and investing. A wise man once said that thrift is a form of income. What he meant was that it is what you do not spend rather than what you earn that will determine your wealth. Twenty-two year old Rob, who features in our main article this week, is a living example of what can be achieved if...

Divorce and pension fund benefits

If you're divorced, or in the process of getting divorced, the issue of pension fund benefits is one you may want to think about. Remember that pension interest forms part of your spouse's assets, so you may be entitled to a claim, depending on your marital regime.