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Good news for those claiming UIF


If you’re going on maternity leave or have been retrenched, you can claim from the government’s Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), which should help replace a portion of your income and tide you over until you can find another job or return to work after having a ba

The ins and outs of making a UIF claim

Retrenchments are likely to become even more commonplace in the current economic environment as companies downsize and try to contain costs where possible. If you don’t have retrenchment insurance and need funds to tide you over until you are able to find another job, it can be worth your while to lodge an unemployment insurance fund (UIF) claim...

Make sure you understand your retrenchment offer

After working for his company for 24 years, Joseph was offered a voluntary retrenchment package. Due to his years of service the package is attractive with the company effectively offering him a year’s salary. Joseph is not part of the union and he wants to fully understand the implications of accepting this package. Phil Sack, HR Executive at Old...

What to expect when you are expecting

“What to expect when you’re expecting”, the latest American blockbuster that was released in South Africa in June this year, put the spotlight on the journey by parents-to-be as they prepare to become parents for the first time. This is both an exciting and overwhelming time and once the baby arrives financial planning is probably the last thing...