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In this book, Maya shares her vast knowledge and ability to explain financial concepts in an accessible manner to answer the most common questions she receives around managing money. She also shares her own money journey from finding herself unemployed, with a new baby and a massive overdraft to financial security.

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  • your new book, Money Question? Answered, how can I get hold of it. ive look at cna and at exclusive books but cant find it, Please assist,

  • about property, is it now a buyers market or sellers market? it is a right time to sell the house then move to retirement village?

    • It depends where you live – the markets are very different. But given the economy many people are nervous to commit to buying property. However, it is hard to say when the confidence will return.

  • Good day Maya,

    During the lockdown, I have managed to save R45000, currently in my 32 day notice with a bank. I also have a R15000 emergency fund I can use as and when an emergency would arise. I have RA with Sanlam, in addition to the pension from work contribution and looking at investing the R45000 into a tax free investment.

    I was reading the allan gray tax free investment which has a R36000 p.a investment per year. Would this be the best investment for me and family.

    P.S I am a married woman with 2 children and currently have a surplus for R10 000, per month that I will like to also invest monthly for our future and the children.
    I pay the school fees yearly, and my car is paid up and only have bond to pay monthly which my husband is taking care of that financial cost. Currently have monthly levies and rates, electricity and grocery on a month to month basis. I need investment options for the extra R10 000 surplus per month.

    Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    • Well done on building up your savings. I am not allowed to give individual advice but can make the following comments:
      You do not mention debt/credit card debt so I am assuming you do not have any.
      Consider allocating the R10k to various goals:
      Ideally try build up your emergency fund so it eventually reaches 3 x monthly expenses
      Have you assessed future school fee escalations/tertiary education costs? Is this something you need to provide for?
      A tax-free investment is limited to R36 000 per year per person. It is definitely a good starting point for discretionary (non-retirement benefits). You want one that is well diversified with local and offshore investments.
      You can also open TFSA in your kids names. This can provide a nice lump sum when they one day need to buy their own home etc.
      You could increase your mortgage so that is settled earlier
      It may be worthwhile sitting down with a good financial planner that charges for TIME not commission to put a plan in place.

  • Hi Maya
    I did previously ask you to tell me if I will have enough money to retire and how much my pension will be. I’m 58 and currently have R2153423 in my pension fund. I contribute every month R13956 with 5% increase every year. My retirement age is 65. Thank you. Jonathan

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