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Eight principles for successful investing

Wondering how to navigate the chaos of today's economic climate? Dive into our latest podcast episode where host Maya Fisher French and investment expert Debra Slabber from Morn...

Are We Spending Too Much On Our Families?

In this episode of My Money My Lifestyle, host Maya Fisher-French is joined by financial advisor Munya Shumba to address a critical yet often neglected aspect of financial plann...

Crunching the Numbers: The Real Cost of Independence for Young Graduates

In this episode of My Money My Lifestyle, host Maya Fisher-French and financial planner Kirsty Scully tackle the daunting reality of expenses for young graduates entering the wo...

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What your credit score says about you

If you are planning on buying a home, the first thing you should do is go check your credit score. The purpose of your credit score is to inform prospective lenders how much of a risk you present when you apply for a loan.

The best way to achieve a good credit score is by always paying on time, not maxing out your affordability or credit lines and where possible paying more than the minimum amount required.

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Money Questions?Answered!

In this book, Maya shares her vast knowledge and ability to explain financial concepts in an accessible manner to answer the most common questions she receives around managing money. She also shares her own money journey from finding herself unemployed, with a new baby and a massive overdraft to financial security.