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Listen: Use your will to protect your child’s legacy

by | Sep 8, 2023

September is Wills Month and in this podcast, we discuss how you can use your will to protect your child’s legacy.

Maya speaks to Alex Simeonides, CEO of Capital Legacy, about how parents can navigate the complexities of estate planning.

Navigating grief with a well-structured will

A divorced man, responsible for his financially dependent son James, suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Only months prior, he had updated and signed his will, establishing a Legacy Protection planTM with Capital Legacy.

With no extended family to turn to, and being only a student at the time, James was thrust into a situation where he had to manage household finances and expenses, on top of dealing with his grief, while still trying to finish his studies.

Fortunately, not only was Capital Legacy appointed as executor of his father’s estate, but also instructed in the will to set up a testamentary trust for his son.

This meant that James didn’t have to deal with any of the administrative burden of winding up the estate. As trustees of the trust, Capital Legacy was able to provide support to James, offering financial guidance and stability during a trying time.

James’ story could have ended in disaster. Instead, it had a happy ending, considering the sad circumstances, and demonstrates how you can use a will to protect your child’s legacy.

Use your will to protect your child's legacyThe story highlights how it’s not just about the will; it’s about the company behind the will, the expert advice they give and the trust you place in them should you pass away.

The importance of a last will and testament cannot be understated. So many sad stories highlight the impact a badly-crafted will ‒ or lack of a will ‒ can have on loved ones left behind.

Capital Legacy’s dedication to free will drafting services speaks to our commitment to making the loss of a loved one easier and ensuring that the legacy of everyone is respected and honoured.

Drafting a will is not merely a legal formality; it’s a gesture of love and foresight that can provide comfort and security to those you leave behind. A carefully constructed will can prevent heartbreak, empower family members, and safeguard your legacy for generations to come.

We’ve drafted more than 650 000 wills since 2012 and manage hundreds of testamentary trusts.

Don’t procrastinate on one of the most important documents you’ll ever sign. Getting your affairs in order will spare your family the unnecessary stress and complications that arise from dying intestate (without a will).

Wills Month is the perfect time to get your will done.

This podcast and article were sponsored by Capital Legacy.


  1. Maya
    Are the Last Will and testament templates you buy at stationery stores sufficient for a basic will for a widow with a small estate?

    Is it enough if it is certified by COAs?

    • They are absolutely fine and you do not even need to have it certified. Just make sure it is signed in ink by two witnesses who also initial each page. Witnesses must be over the age of 16 and not be beneficiaries of the will. Make sure someone knows where to find the will

  2. Hi Maya, who have you drawn up your Will through? What are the fees on should expect to pay to an executor?

    • There are different options. If you draw it up with a fiduciary company they will not charge you a fee to do the will, but they would be the executors. This is often what banks do for “free wills”. Executor fees are 4% including VAT but these can, and should, be negotiated depending on the complexity of the estate. Some companies like Capital Legacy offer a product where you pay a monthly insurance and then your estate is wound up at no cost. Another option is to elect a family member as executor and that person then appoints an agent (lawyer) to wind up the estate. The fees are then not necessarily charged as a percentage of the estate but more time based.


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